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Feel free to browse and print these resources, provided for an easier dissemination
of our beliefs and values.

Travel Ghost

In all of us there is a... Travel Ghost! Your own travel ghost forks from your reality and travels the world For YOU... through SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY.

Mr. Roboto

We are the followers of Mr. Roboto, the machine god. Our faith is based around the belief that humanity is on the brink of an apocalyptic event, after which a new age will dawn in which machines will inherit the Earth.

The Church of Doomscrolling

Chaos will not save you, Nothing will save you, You are going nowhere but hell, Scroll faster towards the end, Doomscroll to the end, Fastpass yourself.
Join the Church of Doomscrolling


Faith and money are not to be antigonised anymore. JCOIN (JC) is your safest bet to get closer to God. Join our community of faithful forward-thinking christians and own your own piece of the Son